Submission Guidelines
Do not send unsolicited manuscripts

To propose a book to Logos Press, send a brief letter outlining the following to

  • Who Are You? Tell us who you are, and about your professional and educational background, including any prior publications.

  • What is the Purpose of this Book? What is the book designed to accomplish? How does it meet the need you have identified? Does it meet our editorial guidelines?

  • Why is This Book Needed? Why are you developing this book? Why do people need help on the topic at this time? How is the topic of increasing rather than passing or declining importance?

  • What is the Competitive Landcape? What other options do consumers currently have? What other books / resources might compete with or complement your proposed book? This section is really important, as it helps determine the path to market and the price for your book. Avoid the knee-jerk "my audience is everyone" or "there is no competition" responses. An unfocused audience is nearly impossible to reach effectively, and if you have no competition, you likely have no market.

  • What Contribution Will This Book Make? What new information is offered? In what ways would the work add to the current knowledge and practice?

  • Who Are the Intended Audiences? Please be specific and describe the primary, secondary, and other audiences. Also describe the purchase patterns of these audiences (book stores, conferences, procurement / discretionary purchases).

  • What is the proposed format and content? Is this going to be a single author book, a collaboration, an edited compilation? How many pages? Do you have a chapter outline, partial, or complete manuscript?