See the Green$

Achieving your entrepreneurial dream

Gerald "Sandy" Graham
First Edition, January 2011
132 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-934899-21-2 $19.95

Distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor
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About the Author

Gerald S. "Sandy" Graham is a business growth strategist, buttressed by an entrepreneurial spirit, with a career record of achievement and success in developing strategic solutions to optimize business growth.
Known for his management and leadership achievements, Sandy has optimized business growth, generated winning business plans, and developed strategies that produced new business, improved business and organization processes, produced timely accurate market forecasts, and achieved client needs for new ventures, university startups, small business enterprises, Fortune 1000 and Fortune 50 Companies.
A new venture entrepreneur or small business owner who can "see the field" of opportunity is much like the PGA Professional who "sees the the field" when he stands in the tee-box and looks down the fairway to the flag stick. He envisions the best approach to the green, determines the strategic direction to get there, and focuses all his efforts on attaining the goal of getting to the green and setting up a short birdie putt. The result is success, and if continuously repeated, will lead to a very strong finish.

The great Bobby Jones was said to be the best at this. The present day version is Tiger Woods. In business, I believe we can achieve the same vision as Tiger and Bobby if you can "see the field" of opportunity." See the Green$ guides entrepreneurs and small business owners to lay the foundation for success by addressing a set of questions in the development of the business enterprise by asking defining questions such as:

  • Have your clearly defined your plan to achieve entrepreneurial dreams?
  • Have you mapped out the strategic direction to attain your business plan?
  • Have you envisioned your market and know how to position your business to acquire it?
  • Do you still have that 'entrepreneurial flame' that caused you to spend nearly every waking minute working on your business or have you succumbed to the daily chores of working in your business?"

This book helps lay that foundation for success using the author's personal experience as a business coach, advisor and consultant. A golf analogy is used to convey the key elements and ideas for growing a business from new venture to emerging small business.

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