About Logos Press

Aristotle's The Art of Rhetoric describes the elements of persuasion:
  • Ethos is an appeal to the authority of the author, compelling the audience to believe the arguments presented.
  • Pathos is an appeal to emotion, using metaphors, storytelling, or other emotional appeals to move an audience.
  • Logos is Aristotle's most important appeal, the appeal to reason. More than a simple argument based on logic, logos refers to thought plus action.
Expanding from Covino and Covino's Rhetoric: Concepts, Definitions, Boundaries,
just as ethos movies an audience by activating their faith in the credibility of the rhetor and pathos stimulates their feelings and seeks a change in their attitudes and actions, so logos, accompanied by the other two appeals, mobilizes the powers of reasoning.
Logos Press is a niche publisher focusing on text and reference books guiding actions based on knowledge and experience.